Our goal is comprehensive dental care.  Your first visit will include a thorough examination.  This examination is typically composed of a full mouth series of x-rays to evaluate all aspects of the teeth and bone, full periodontal charting, an oral cancer screen, and a complete evaluation of existing dental work in conjunction with your primary concerns.  Most patients with healthy gums receive a cleaning.

Our office uses digital X-rays to provide you the most up to date technology. We also have a Digital Panoramic machine to access all areas of the jaw including evaluation of wisdom teeth and tooth development in our younger patients. Clinically, we utilize intraoral cameras to document concerns as well as to provide views of our final restorations for the patient to see. We take pride in our work.

This is also a time to get to know you! – Appointment time is planned accordingly.

We listen to your concerns as well as respect your time in our office by focusing on one
patient at a time.  Unless an emergency need arrives, the appointment time booked is reserved specifically for you!


We want to make each visit for our younger patients special as well.  We take the time to make them comfortable so that each visit can be a fun and positive experience. Whether it is a first dental check-up at age 3 or care during the teenage years, we focus on developing good dental habits for a lifetime.

To meet your dental needs, Dr.Brown’s services include: preventative care, sealants, fillings, crowns, bridges, restoration of implants to replace missing teeth, bleaching, bonding, veneers, and simple extractions.  She places an emphasis on using the best quality materials.  For services requiring more specialized care, Dr. Brown works in conjunction with several specialists in the area.


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